Regret Free Life is personal coaching program that will give you the knowledge, support and accountability you need to create a life you love.


According to palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware, the most common “regret” of men and women who are dying is this:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

This research, compiled in Ware’s book “Regrets Of The Dying,” reflects a crisis in our world today: Too many men and women are living lives that are inconsistent with their true self.

They wake up, work hard, go home, repeat.

5+ days a week. 50+ weeks a year.

They do what they are expected to do, while quietly dreaming of the moment when they will have “enough”…time, money, courage…to do what they really want to do.

And yet, for most, that moment never comes.

Sound familiar?

If so, then here’s your wake up call…

Introducing Regret Free Life

A personal coaching program that will give you the knowledge, support and accountability you need to live your best life.


  • To define “success” on your terms.

  • What’s holding you back from making the change you need to make — at both work and home.

  • What you both need, and value, and how to use that information to make better decisions and set better goals.

  • To execute on the most important work you have to do, every day.

  • To say “no” (with grace, confidence and compassion) to low-value requests for your time, energy and/or attention.

  • To manage change; how to remain focused and aligned through periods of transition.


  • A personal strategic plan: A clear and compelling description of who you are, what you want and what you have to do to make it happen.

  • A system to manage your performance: A process to help you to identify, and execute, your most important work.

  • High-performance habits: Best practices for managing your time and energy, every day, and what you have to do to create and sustain your momentum, going forward.

Intelligently designed for busy professionals.

This is not a “rainbows and unicorns”, “touchy-feely,” “woo-woo” coaching program like many others out there.

Our process is data-driven.

It’s based on proven best practices in strategic planning, goal-setting and execution refined by my work with 100s of leading companies over the last decade.

We hold you accountable.

Too many coaching programs are “OK” with people who sign up for, but don’t finish, the course. Not this one. We have a system of accountability built into the program to encourage, and ensure, you do the work you need to do.

The lessons are short and practical.

We have spent hundreds of hours condensing over ten years of research into two hours of our best, most important ideas to create the most practical, effective personal coaching program on the market.


3 personal coaching sessions with Ben Sands.

Ben has spent a decade coaching the most talented, high-performing leaders in the world. During these “one-on-one” sessions he will serve as sounding board and thought-partner and hold you accountable to doing the work you need to do to move yourself forward.

13 beautifully produced, high-impact video lessons.

Ben will share the ideas, research and best practices that will serve as the foundation of your Regret Free Life. The videos are beautifully produced and, at less than 10 minutes long, carefully designed to maximize the impact of every minute.

10+ best practice tools, templates, worksheets and assessments.

A coaching program is only as effective as its ability to drive behavior change. These easy-access tools and templates will ensure that you can put what you learned into action. From Daily Planning, to Personal Finance, these tools will help you to create and sustain your Regret Free Life.

Unlimited access across all your devices, forever.

Access all of these resources, at any time, on any device. You can watch the course from your mobile device, computer, or tablet, and you’re free to revisit the lessons over time, as needed. Even better, as we add more content to the course, you will get it all!

100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t love it, we’ll refund you. It’s as simple as that.

Program Curriculum

Regret Free Life is a combination of personal coaching, plus 10+ concise, high-impact video-based learning modules. Here’s a preview of what you can expect to learn:

One: What Is "Success" To You?

The first step in creating a life you love is to define “success.” What, or whom, does it look like to you?

Two: What's Holding You Back?

Explore the most common reasons why people aren’t living their regret-free life…and discover what’s holding you back.

Three: What Do You (Really) Want?

Most people don’t know what they really want, personally and professionally? Discover the four human needs that drive all goal-setting and decision-making.

Four: What Makes You Unique?

What is it that makes you, you? Explore the unique forces and experiences that guide your behavior and decision-making and affect how you show up in the world.

Five: What Are Your Core Values?

Self-awareness is essential to living a regret-free life. Your personal values are the foundation upon which your best life is built.

Six: Create An Inspired Vision

Create a clear and compelling description of the person you want to be, the life you want to live and the impact you want to have.

Seven: Goal-Setting That Works

Learn a practical, intuitive approach to goal-setting that will ensure that you not only get you want, but that you get what you need, as well.

Eight: How To Execute Like The Pro

A strategy is only as useful as your ability to execute it. Learn what the best do to get their most important work done, every day.

Nine: High-Performance Habits

Develop simple and effective strategies to help you create and sustain the energy you need to be your best, at both work and home.

Ten: Create A Life Of Continuous Improvement

Discover how the best learn from their experience, anticipate change and create a life of continuous growth and progress.

Bonus: Tools & Templates

To make it as easy as possible to continue to implement on this best-practice system, we have created a complete set of tools, templates and worksheets to help you stay focused, aligned and moving forward.

Among the tools, templates and worksheets included:

Personal Core Values Assessment

This is an exclusive personal core values assessment available only to participants in the Regret Free Life program. This web-based tool offers an intuitive, behavior-based approach for discovering the values that are really guiding your behavior and decision-making.

Daily Action Planning Template

This is my #1 performance management tool. A simple, highly-effective, 5-minute daily planning process that ensures that set up each day for success.

Weekly & Quarterly Review Worksheets

Review each week and quarter to ensure that your strategy remains relevant as you and the world around you, evolve and change. These worksheets will help you to capture your highlights, key accomplishments and opportunities missed, and incorporate the lessons learned into your goals and strategies going forward.

Goal-Setting & Vision Worksheets

Step-by-step instructions to help you to craft a vision and set goals. Ensure that you vision is both inspirational and achievable and set “regret-free” goals that will get your there.

Guide: Regret-Free Personal Finance

When it comes to living a regret-free life, money matters. Use this guide to help you set up a personal financial system that is both easy-to-understand and aligned with your values.

Is Regret Free Life a good fit for you?

Based upon the feedback/experience of our first cohort, Regret Free Life works best for three types of people:

  • High-Achievers who want to take their life/business to the next level.

  • High-Performers who want to get back to pursuing their big goals, again.

  • High-Potentials who are “stuck” and want to start making meaningful, positive change in their life.


Regret Free Life is a high-performance “bootcamp”-style coaching program that will give you all the knowledge, tools and support you need to be your best self, and live your best life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after I register for the program?

You get immediate access to all course lessons from the moment you join. And the course layout is incredibly easy to use. You’ll be learning effortlessly just a few minutes from now.

In addition, you will get a series of emails from Ben with instructions for scheduling your coaching calls, how to gain access to the private Facebook group and some suggested “best practices” for getting the most out of the program.

Our motto is “don’t get stuck.” If at any point you feel “lost” or unsure about what to do, we will be there to help you keep moving forward.

How long is the course? Will I have time for this?

This course has been designed to deliver the maximum amount of value in the minimum amount of time. Overall, it is about 3.5 hours in length, but it has been cut up into short lessons that are 5-10 minutes or less. And you can easily refer back to any lesson or topic whenever needed.

Can I expense this at my company or write it off in my business?

I don’t claim to be an accountant, but students are often able to get their training reimbursed by their company or write it off as a training expense for their small business.

How do I schedule my coaching calls with Ben?

As soon as you register for the course you will be sent an email with links to schedule your three, 30-minute coaching calls.

Just follow the instructions and then Ben will call you directly at the time of your choosing. In addition, you will be sent emails before each call with an agenda and some suggestions on how to prepare.

What if I don't like the program?

No problem. Every purchase of Regret Free Life is protected with a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. It’s a risk-free investment on your end.

Do I need to buy anything special or additional to make this work?

Nope. Everything you need is in the course.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

No problem. Send me an email at and I’ll get right back to you.

Are you ready to live your “Regret Free Life?”

"RFL+ Coaching" Plan
$599 one-time

This price is limited and will end soon.

Regret Free Life: Create A Life You Love
Full Details

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you create your Regret Free Roadmap and are not 100% satisfied with your improvement and progress, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Regret Free Life will change your life. If it doesn’t, it’s on us.

What others say about working with Ben

“Ben, thanks so much for your insights, guidance and energy over the past few months.  I’m moving forward on an idea that I’ve had for a long time, but it was your coaching that led to actual progress. In short, you were the catalyst – and I can’t thank you enough.


Peter Gail
CEO, PG Method - Athletic Consulting

“Ben…you rock! Thank you for doing what you do.  Your energy was so motivating. I’m certain there is something bigger and better out there for me and I thank you for poking me to go find it and love it! Everyone deserves a Coach Sands!”

Hayley F.
Washington, D.C.

This program was an excellent investment of my time.  Ben thoughtfully and concisely presented a number of concepts and models that I found immediately applicable to my life. I know that my involvement in this short course has been a catalyst and will continue to enhance my personal and professional success.”


Roland Weissman
VP, Mortgage Lending

“Ben Sands tremendous facilitator and coach whom I recommend without reservation to senior leaders seeking to inspire creativity, accountability and courage across their teams.”

Stuart Breslow
Chief Compliance Officer, Morgan Stanley

“Ben has unique ability to connect with all members of a team, discern what motivates them and why, and connect that mosaic of motivations into a complete whole so that all buy into a common vision and strategy.”

Brendan Wallace
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Fifth Wall

Are you ready to create a life you love?

"RFL+ Coaching" Plan
$599 one-time

This price is limited and will end soon.

Regret Free Life: Create A Life You Love
Full Details

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you create your Regret Free Roadmap and are not 100% satisfied with your improvement and progress, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Regret Free Life will change your life. If it doesn’t, it’s on us.