Regret Free Life is a performance coaching program that will provide you the knowledge, clarity and accountability you need to achieve your biggest goals and create a life you love.

Get the clarity, confidence and support you need to create the balanced, high-impact life you’ve always imagined.

Introducing Regret Free Life

A performance coaching program that will help you to meaningfully improve the quality of your life, at both work and home.

Regret Free Life is a practical, actionable program designed to help you make meaningful progress to improve the quality of your life — at both work and home.  But, it’s not for everybody. Keep reading to see if it’s the right fit for you…

What I Know About You

So, here’s what I know:

  • I know that you’re smart.
  • I know that you work really hard.
  • I know that you want to live a life rich in meaning, purpose and impact
  • …but you’re not quite there, yet.

I Know Your Pain

I know that you and I are a lot alike. For years I worked my butt off to crush targets, exceed expectations and climb the ladder of success. I had a few great moments, when it seemed that all of my hard work was paying off, but far more moments of despair and angst, when that little voice in my head would ask: “Is this all there is?” But I didn’t know how to make a change. The reason that I couldn’t make a change, was that I didn’t really know what my problem was. All my friends and family told me that I was doing great. They told me how proud they were of me, how excited they were for me, how lucky I was.

I was the only one who knew that I was struggling.

I knew that this path I was on was not sustainable and that something need to change, and soon. Fortunately, a coach helped me to identify the underlying root cause of all of my pain: a lack of clarity. Specifically, I was struggling to answer three, seemingly simple, questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I really want?
  3. What must I do, today, to make it happen?

The real root cause of my anxiety, angst and despair: My inability to answer these questions with clarity and confidence. The good news is that once I knew the questions that I needed to answer, I was able to start moving forward again. And I’ve never looked back.

  • If you feel stuck, like I did…
  • If you feel bored, like I did…
  • If you feel overwhelmed by options, like I did…

…then Regret Free Life is for you.

What Is “Regret Free Life?”

Regret Free Life is a concentrated, “bootcamp-style” personal coaching and performance program. In just six weeks I will walk you, step-by-step, through a process to create the clarity, confidence and accountability you need to move your life to the “next level” — at both work and home. As you will be working directly with me, space is very limited.

You Need A Roadmap

In Regret Free Life, I’ve created a simple process to help you answer the three critical questions. Even better, we’ll then use your data to create a personalized “Regret-Free Roadmap” — a personal strategic plan to help you move from a life of pain, to a life of purpose, passion and prosperity. I developed the roadmap-building process is based upon my many years advising world class CEOs and teams on how to craft great corporate strategic plans. It’s a values-based process that will empower you with clear, actionable objectives, targets and metrics.

This Is Not Your Father’s Approach To Goal-Setting

With all due respect to the other goal-setting programs out there, this is not a “rainbows and unicorns”, “touchy-feely,” “woo-woo” process. Our process is data-driven and iterative. It’s based on the idea that the world is constantly changing so we need to develop a process that is flexible — and can respond to changes in your life, either at work or home. Even more, we create accountability at every stage in this process to help you make progress even when you don’t want to.

The Four Elements Of A Great Personal Strategy

A great personal strategy includes four important elements:

  • Core Values: What drives you? What guides you? What matters, most to your, personally? Life is trade-offs and your core values serve as an intelligent filter in a world full of opportunity.


  • Vision:  A detailed description of the outcomes you want to create and life you want to live. Your vision may describe the person you want to be, the problem you want to solve, the impact you want to have. It acts as a long-term “lighthouse” guiding your decision-making.

  • Goals: Specific objectives and key results that will move your meaningfully towards your vision.

The Result: A one-page “roadmap” to help you get where you want to go faster, and with more confidence, than you could ever imagine.

Do Less, Better.

Have you ever laid in bed, in the middle of the night, wondering: what “should” I do? Have you ever struggled to make a personal or professional decision when you had more than one good option to choose from? Alternatively, have you ever decided to not choose and try to do it all? I know, me too. The irony is that the more you try to do everything, the worse you perform. When you try to do it all, you forfeit your impact, your health and your happiness…with nothing to show for it. Author Greg McKeown calls this the “Clarity Paradox.” Here’s how it works:

  • When you are really clear and focused, you are successful.
  • With success comes more options and opportunities.
  • More opportunity reduces your clarity and focus.
  • Reduced clarity and focus undermines what led to your success in the first place.

Your many natural gifts and talents create for you many personal and professional opportunities.

Unfortunately, as McKeown observed, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be happier, more satisfied or more effective than people with fewer options. The fact of the matter is this: happiness, satisfaction and performance require you to intentionally say “no” to some opportunity, so that you can say “heck yeah!” to the opportunities that really matter.

In other words, you have to do less, better. It’s time to stop putting off your most important decisions. It’s time to stop burying your head in the sand and waiting for someone else to make your decisions for you. It’s your life. And it’s time you came up with a plan and made a commitment to act.

The Secret To Long-Term Health & Happiness

Actually, it’s not really a “secret.” In fact, it’s pretty darn obvious, but shockingly hard to do… The happiest, healthiest, most balanced, most impactful men and women know where they are, where they are going, and how they are going to get there. You know these things too — you just have never had a structured way to think about it. Now you do.

It’s Time To Live Your Regret-Free Life

Regret Free Life is the first program of its kind that provides an intuitive, integrated approach to these questions and execute. This program will show you a smart, structured framework to create deep work / life satisfaction. You will craft a clear and compelling plan that not only gets you where you want to go, but makes you feel the way you want to feel: secure, connected, significant and evolving.

We believe that you want to wake up every day, energized and excited by the work you have to do and the life you are living.

We believe that you want a reality in which every action that you take is aligned with your values and beliefs.

In order to do that, you need a strategy; a thoughtful and direct approach to ensure that you get what you want, the way that you want it.

That’s what we will create. Together.

You ready? I hope so…  

What’s included

Regret Free Life incorporates world-class video-based training, one-on-one coaching and peer accountability. Also included: a collection of tools, templates and other resources designed to help you move your life forward, both personally and professionally. The course is structured in four parts:

Part One: What Is A "Regret-Free" Life?

What does “success” mean to you?

And how close are you to achieving it?

What’s holding you back from being there today?

In Part One of the program we will explore all of these questions in detail.

Part Two: Creating A Regret-Free Life

Your decisions are your destiny.

In Part Two of the program you will learn how to make consistently great decisions — at both work and home.

You will learn what “the best” do to create lives full of purpose, passion and prosperity and ZERO regrets.

Part Three: Building Your Regret-Free Roadmap

The “Regret Free Roadmap” is a tool designed to help you clarify and communicate who you are, what you want and what you must do to make it happen.

By the end of this part of the program you will have created your own personal Regret Free Roadmap.
Part Four: High-Performance Habits

Your Roadmap is an essential first step in creating a “regret-free” life, but it’s not enough.

The quality of your strategy and plan is 100% dependent on how well you execute on it.

In this part of the program you will learn what “the best” do to get their most important work done, every day.

Ben is an amazing facilitator and coach. From entry level associates to senior leaders alike, he inspires everyone to take control of their life and work towards one of fulfillment. I recommend him highly!

– Fiona L. Washington, DC


Regret Free Life is a great fit for:

  • People in transition. Men and women who want to make a change — personally, or professionally — but don’t know either what to do or how to do it.
  • People who just want more. Men and women who want to take their life and performance to the next level — to live a richer, more meaningful, more inspired life.
  • People who are stuck. Men and women with great potential but are struggling to get out of their own way and move forward.

It’s not a great fit for…

  • People looking for “silver bullets.” Men and women looking for a “quick fix.” Regret Free Life is a process and it requires real work.
  • People who don’t want to growMen and women who are OK with the status quo.
  • People who like to waste time and energy. Men and women who are happy to work their butts off, for little or no return.


Regret Free Life is a two-week, high-performance “bootcamp”-style coaching program that will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to create a life you love.

What others say about working with Ben

When I met Ben, I had been miserable in my job in a big law firm for years.  I knew I was stuck, but I didn’t know how to even start making a change.  Ben helped me really examine my values and priorities, maybe for the first time in my life, so that I could objectively assess opportunities to pick the best next step.  Because of our work together, 6 years later I’ve been on the executive team of two start-up companies, transitioned from law into business, moved across the country, and recently, started my own company.  Ben keeps me honest, acts as a sounding board and helps me push myself to take the changes I need and want to take.  He is able to offer an objectivity that friends and family can’t always give, and he reminds me of my own thoughts and reflections to help me stick to the path I set for myself in a way that is authentic to me.  I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Stephanie Smith
CEO, COO, General Counsel

Ben manages to take complex topics and explain them in a way that is not only engaging and accessible, but extremely practical. I can honestly say that Ben’s course has been transformational for me, both professionally and personally. I am able to listen and empathize more effectively, to understand why people do the things they do, and to make better decisions at work and at home.

Alexander Fox
Creative Director, Blandford International

Are you ready to create a life you love?