“A tremendous facilitator and coach whom I recommend without reservation to senior executives seeking to inspire creativity, accountability and courage across their teams”

– Stuart Breslow, Chief Compliance Office & Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Morgan_Stanley_LogoBen Sands is a terrific speaker and facilitator whom I recommend without reservation to senior executives seeking to inspire creativity, accountability and courage across their teams. 

My senior leadership team and I brought Ben in to Morgan Stanley’s Compliance Department to lead a session, which we titled “Catalyzing Creativity”. The population for this program was 600 employees at all levels of the organization, across the globe, who cover all of Morgan Stanley’s various businesses. 

Ben began developing the program by interviewing professionals from across the  organization to identify the patterns of performance and best practice driving creative outcomes today. He then effectively combined that interview data with global best practices to create an engaging presentation that painted a clear and compelling picture of what the most creative compliance professionals do – more of, less of, and differently – to drive better decision-making and better outcomes. Importantly, Ben remained focused on the needs of my team – challenging them throughout the session with specific questions and exercises designed to help them better understand and embed the concepts. I recommend him highly and will be happy to respond to inquiries about Ben and the Regret Free Life.  – Stuart Breslow, Chief Compliance Officer & Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“Amazing presentation…captivating speaker”

– Tim Cecere – Chief Talent Officer NA, GroupM170990

“Amazing presentation. Ben Sands is a captivating speaker who hits the nail squarely on the head. Ben’s session combined great data and best practices with a very high level of engagement to ensure that we not only “got” the key ideas – but that we would be able to take them back and teach them to the rest of our organization…Quality stuff – Highly recommend…” – Tim Cecere – Chief Talent Officer NA, GroupM

“One of our favorite and most impactful speakers”

– Jonathan Turner, Director Global Talent Management, B/E Aerospace

logo-2Ben Sands is by far among our favorite and most impactful speakers [with whom we have worked].  B/E Aerospace strongly recommends him.  – Jonathan Turner, Director Global Talent Management, B/E Aerospace



 “High-energy and engaging…we recommend [Ben] highly to organizations looking to motivate and empower their employees” 

– MJ O’Leary, SVP Human Resources, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Wiley_Wordmark_blackBen Sands is an excellent speaker and facilitator whom we recommend highly to any other organization looking to motivate and empower their employees to address key challenges facing their business.

At our recent global HR summit Ben helped us to better understand how and why to enhance our business partnering capabilities in order to improve decision-making quality and increase shareholder value. Ben’s style is high-energy and engaging; his presentation served to kick-start a highly productive multi-day summit.  We recommend him highly.  – MJ O’Leary, SVP Human Resources, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

“Ben’s passion, enthusiasm and energy make him an outstanding presenter and facilitator”

i19san3dvrvjmwsznc88– Andrew Graff, CEO – Allen & Gerritsen

Ben Sands was amazing at facilitating a provocative workshop that engaged the audience and challenged them to think differently.  HIs leadership style effortlessly guided the audience through a series of activities that were validating, encouraging and challenged the status quo.   Ben’s passion, enthusiasm and energy made him an outstanding presenter and facilitator that I would highly recommend.- Andrew Graff, CEO – Allen & Gerritsen

RFL Catalyst Coaching made me excited about life again! 

K Cole - 150px

It helped me realize that life doesn’t end at 30; that you are not stuck with the decisions you made in your 20s; that there are options to pursue out there that are exciting and reinvigorating. It has brought a sense of hope back to my life that I haven’t felt since school.

Katie C, 31

Ben has a rare, intuitive feel for people, and approaches his work with thoughtfulness, passion, and urgency.  

Dan L., 31 


Tom Minnigan

RFL helped me get started navigating through an uncertain patch in my life.  I learned a ton about myself both personally and professionally – who I am and what I want – and am now executing a smart plan to live the life I really want to lead.  It took years off my own personal development process.  Thank you Ben!

 Tom M., 34 | Entrepreneur


Ben…thanks so much for your insights, guidance and energy over the past few months.  I’m moving forward on an idea that I’ve had for a long time, but it was your coaching that led to actual progress. In short, you were the catalyst – and I can’t thank you enough.

Pete Gail, 34 |CEO, PG Method


Working with Ben brings me both inspiration, and the clarity that comes with it.

Michael A.,  31 | Congressional Staff Member

Regret Free LIfe – seminars, workshops and blogs – all emphasize the need to answer 3 basic questions: Who Am I? What Do I Want?    What Must I Do? Sounds simple, but in 14 years of working, and even before that, I’ve never done so much introspection.  It forced me to identify what I really wanted out life and what I wanted out of work.  It helped me to start thinking out of the box. It jump-started my desire to actively seek truly fulfilling work.  Kevin Heald, 36 | CEO, Sleekfest



Ben has been a tremendous thought partner and coach supporting my personal and professional development. His approach on leadership and motivation has been a critical part of my success. I would recommend his program to anyone looking for the mental edge in life. Todd Marcelle, 32 | Founder, CEO – GoMoto.org


Seriously, Regret Free Life coaching is the best investment I’ve ever made.

Alex B., 28 | Social Entrepreneur

Allergan-logo-640x428“Ben Sands is an energizing and engaging facilitator; I am pleased to recommend him to any organization looking to inspire changed behavior.”

– Donna Thiessen, VP, Human Resources, Global Learning & Organization Effectiveness, Allergan

Through my work with Ben, I have found both confidence and strength; allowing me to push myself to take calculated risks that I previously had not been capable of

Peter S., 26|  Entrepreneur



Ben Sands led our global team through a highly-valuable, relevant and engaging discussion…we recommend him highly


– Kelly M. Bliss, Director, Human Resources, InterSystems

“Ben…You rock! Thank you for doing what you do. Your energy was so motivating. I’m certain there is something bigger and better out there for me and I thank you for helping me to find and love it!” 

Hayley Fisch |Defense Contractor  

Ben Sands has incredible spirit for life… His workshops have helped me illuminate my personal and professional ambitions and encourage me to move those ambitions in a positive direction.

Leticia L., 29 | Non-Profit Executive


Theresa W

“RFL Catalyst helped me to build the skills I needed – to begin an exciting new phase in my professional life. The specific best practices that Ben shares – from time management to money to sales – have truly catalyzed my business and personal aspirations. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to build clarity and confidence in their personal and professional life.

Theresa W. | Entrepreneur


hm_townseal“Thank you so much for your senior convocation presentation to our senior class–it was exactly the message I had hoped for them to hear, and it resonated well with the themes I have been emphasizing with students (and parents). I couldn’t have asked for a better Senior Convocation as a way of beginning my career at Farmington High School.”  

– Bill Silva, Principal, Farmington (CT) High School



styn_reasonably_small“There’s no way you can interact with Ben without getting motivated to immediately start thinking about your life and career in a new way.  The RFL workshops [“Building a Regret Free Roadmap” and “The 5″] and Ben’s personal insight helped me to navigate a tricky career transition with confidence.”

Jason Styn, 36 | IT Project Manager

“Catalyst” was an excellent investment of my time.  Ben thoughtfully and concisely presented a number of concepts and models that I found immediately applicable to my life. My involvement in this short course has truly been a catalyst and will continue to enhance my personal and professional success.”

Roland W, 34 | Financial Services